in studio classes

*limited space available*

June 15 - august 22

Dance Unleashed

Preschool Academy - Ages 3-5
Children's Academy - Ages 5-9
The Academy - Ages 10 +
The Unleashed Company - Ages 5+

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Classes will start June 15th in Code Yellow
Classes will be shifted as needed to assure the safty of our Unleashed family!!!

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July 6, 2020
7:33pm TZ

Red Carpet Event

August 3-9. We want your child to be the star of the day! Costumes. Hair all done up. Beautiful makeup. Then it's time to walk the Red Carpet! Our photo shoot will leave them smiling and feeling special. Dances will be performed and recorded in our studio where your child will feel like they are in a music video!
**Times will be announced August 1
**This will take the place of regular classes that week.

Showtime 2020

Showtime will be a little different than normal this year. Our creative team we have some awesome numbers up our sleeves! Watch your child shine on stage August 22nd!! Whether outdoor or indoor or even online, The show must go on and we have special plans to keep the fun alive!! See you at the show!!!

Dance Unleashed

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